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The Trailblazers program was established in 2021 to identify, train, equip, and empower the next generation of advocates in the beef community. Trailblazers is the leading advocacy program within the beef community that selects ten elite advocates per year. Over the course of a year long professional development program, Trailblazers develop the necessary tools to facilitate quality conversations, bridge new partnerships, prepare new advocates at the grassroots level, and safeguard the work of our producers, ranchers, and cattle farmers across the United States.
Trailblazers are guided by four foundational efforts
as they work to Blaze New Trails
Reach across conversations in the beef community and provide an environment that facilitates new partnerships.
Train and empower fellow advocates to better understand the power of their role in the beef community, while mobilizing and activating a renewed grassroots network to sustain the livelihood of the ranchers and producers we represent.
Actively engage in conversations, debunking misinformation, and promoting the work of producers, ranchers, cattle farmers, and all members of the beef community to diverse audiences.
Ignite a growing grassroots network of advocates across the country who are driving demand for beef, promoting beef's unique attributes to new audiences.