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1 Building Better Series

You are not the typical hero: Why effective storytelling is difficult and how you can get better.
Building Better Series
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You are not the typical hero: Why effective storytelling is difficult and how you can get better.

LogoDate: January 23, 2024 from Noon-1:00 p.m. MST. 

Register for the first ever Center for Beef Advocacy Building Better Webinar Series, funded by the Beef Checkoff. 

This unique webinar led by Vance Crowe, the former director of Millennial Engagement for Monsanto. In this role, Vance addressed hundreds of thousands of critics to discuss controversial subjects like GMO’s and pesticides. His compelling storytelling got him invited to places like the University of California at Berkeley, MIT, and to many events attended by some of ag’s biggest critics. His lessons about how to connect and communicate with critics.

The easiest stories to tell are the ones where everything went right. We didn’t snooze our alarm, our hair was perfect, children well behaved and we already knew how to save the day before we even got to work. But the stories that sway outsiders and generate connection with your audience require you to share both challenges and change. How can an advocate tell stories of vulnerability to an audience of critics without feeling overexposed?

Effective storytelling can be learned and improved. In this rousing webinar the audience will be shown behind the curtain of great storytelling. The audience will learn to transform their personal experience into compelling narratives that are persuasive and can be re-told again and again to audiences that can be turned from critics to advocates.

During the Q&A Vance will address beef advocates questions, help them work on story angles and discuss the more nuanced parts of advocacy storytelling. The webinar attendees will leave feeling excited to practice telling their own stories and even have some ideas for places to go where their stories would be appreciated and make a difference.