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The Center for Beef Advocacy
The Center for Beef Advocacy was founded to empower, equip, and mobilize a grassroots, community based network of passionate advocates for the beef community. If you are willing to seek out new pathways to share your story and engage like never before in the beef community, be at the center of it all, The Center for Beef Advocacy.
Beginning in 2009, MBA equips and engages advocates to share their beef related stories and connect with consumers who have questions. Visit site
Created in 2021, Trailblazers are learners who will identify, train, equip, and empower a new generation of advocates to seek out pathways to share their stories. Visit site
Learners Learning Model Resources
MBA 19,000 grassroots advocates 5 self-guided online courses Monthly newsletter, a Facebook group, Webinars, Classroom toolkit for educators
Trailblazers Cohort of selected applicants Year-long, guided training through an experiential learning approach Access to a community of subject matter experts, constant communication with program facilitators, and spokesperson support for media activation
The Center for Beef Advocacy A grassroots advocacy and community-based movement to equip, train, and empower advocates with a passion for beef Experiential Learning → Theory of Change → Build Networks that Sustain Action Engage with varying levels of involvement and interaction by accessing our teacher toolkit, talking points, attending events, utilizing our streaming services, or connecting with your peers across the agriculture and beef communities